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1922 Census of the Slovak People Living in Mahoning County

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Preserving Our Slovak Heritage

An exciting project is taking shape to document the history of Slovaks in the Mahoning Valley for the Images of America book series.  We are actively seeking any information you may have about Slovak families, churches, organizations and activities.  We would especially appreciate information, stories or pictures about the early Slovaks in our area. You may have pictures of family members in their native kroj, pictures of church or fraternal outings, that first communion picture in front of the old church, your grandfather working at the mill or in a local business…we are seeking any pictures that show where we came from, how we were and why we came to this area, what was important in our lives and how we celebrated our achievements (or mourned our losses).  All materials will be returned to the lenders. This is our chance to preserve for future generations the story of how we Slovaks contributed to the Mahoning Valley.  Many of these stories are on the verge of being lost or forgotten and now is the time to make sure this does not happen. If you think you may have something to contribute, we can arrange to borrow your materials and return them to you or we also can take photos of items you may have.

Please contact:

Loretta Ekoniak, Pres. American Slovak Cultural Association at  or (330)549-3760 or

Sue Summers at or (724) 906-8003

Newsletter of the American Slovak Cultural Association of the Mahoning Valley

Michael Ekoniak’s blog about why he’s studying Slovak

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