Lariccia Family Photos

Joseph Lariccia behind wife Lucia Biscelglia. To his right is Carmela Colangelo Baldelli, late 1940’s Youngstown, OH.

Lucia Bisceglia Lariccia, Italian Passport Photo, 1917.

Gennaro Lariccia, Lucia’s Brother-in-law. Wearing mill gloves, nineteen teens, Youngstown, OH.

Fiorentia Rittuci DiLallo, Lucia’s companion on the trip to the USA, late fall of 1917.

Lariccia & Bros. Grocery, circa 1912, 229 Rayen Ave, Youngstown, OH.

Lariccia & Bros. Grocery, Gennaro Lariccia in front of store. Located on 229 Rayen Ave, 1934, Youngstown, OH.

Three of Lucia’s four sisters: Caterina, young Concetta and Angiolina. Montelongo, Italy.

Italian Picnic, Thorn Hill (Lariccia Home), mid-1930’s Youngstown, OH.

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  1. Ben Lariccia says:

    The top photo shows my mother’s family (Mendozzi DiTanna) with neighbors. All the other pictures include Lariccia family members.

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