Fiorentina Ritucci DiLallo

My mother was born Fiorentina Ritucci, January 18, 1899, in Colletorto, a small village in the province of Campobasso, Italy. Her parents were Giovanni Ritucci and Annamaria (Emilia) Lariccia.  She left for the US in 1917, to accompany Lucia Bisceglia

Fiorentia Rittuci DiLallo, late fall of 1917.

who was on her way to marry Giuseppe Lariccia in Youngstown, Ohio. My mother’s intention was to return to Colletorto, but four years later she married my father Franco DiLallo in Youngstown. He was a native of Rotello, a village not far from Colletorto. They raised eight children. Mom passed away March 6, 1998, at the age of 99.

When my mother would get mail from Italy I would listen to her read the letters out loud. At times there were words that I didn’t understand. She would stop and explain them to me in our dialect. Every once in while, when she was infirm, I would write for her. There were letters from her mother until shortly before her death in 1955. Then she corresponded mostly with Aunt Lucy who had immigrated to Montreal, Canada, and with Aunt Loretta in Italy. Aunt Lucy was my mother’s sister. Uncle Antonio, Mom’s brother, was also a frequent correspondent of my mother.

My mother’s literacy skills were considerable. She, like her mother, was able write in standard Italian. I remember her reading the Vindicator with lots of interest each evening. Let me say that she had no formal schooling in English that I know of.

In 1972, I visited Italy and met my Italian relatives. My Aunt Loretta’s son Peppino picked me up in Rome and took me to Campobasso City. Later, he gave me a tour of the Vatican and Florence. I took the train to Venice with my cousin Giovanni. My Italian relatives encouraged me to speak standard Italian, but it was confusing. After I returned home I took classes in Italian at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church. The classes were enjoyable and they helped me with the standard language.

I kept all the letters because they were my mother’s correspondence. These were letters that were dear to her and that she never discarded. I hope anyone reading them will appreciate the connections that she faithfully maintained over all those years with family in Canada and in Italy.

March 31, 2009

Carl DiLallo

Born April 30,1923

Youngstown, Ohio

6 Responses to “Fiorentina Ritucci DiLallo”

  1. Marie Ritucci Johnson says:

    my grandfather Orlando Ritucci, left Campobasso about 1904. Settled in Brockton, Massachusetts. His wife, Maria Cicora Ritucci. My father was born in the USA, Joseph Ritucci. I feel we are connect some how.

  2. Santino ritucci says:

    That was my grandfathers name.

  3. Santino ritucci says:

    My father is 62-63 now and was born in campobasso. He said my grandfather moved them during the war but my fathers uncle(dads brother) stayed in Italy. His name was Arcangelo Ritucci.

  4. Anne DiLallo says:

    Hi Carl,

    I think this is my Dad’s cousin Carl who I met recently in Youngstown. (John is my dad). I wanted to let you know that I got your Christmas card, and I cannot WAIT to get your letter! I look forward to hearing from you.


  5. Ritucci Ceccato says:

    Você tem esta fotografia com a imagens dos familiares atras de sua mãe?

  6. Ritucci Ceccato says:

    Meu bisavo também nasceu em Campobasso em 1881.Chamava-se Gaetano Ritucci e veio para o Brasil.Perdeu o contato com todos os parentes na Italia…talvez sejamos parentes!

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