Since the organization of large-scale industry in the Mahoning Valley, Italians and their descendants have contributed to the area’s development. For a brief history, read this overview.

Here you will find news from the “old country” and from the other great centers of Italian immigration, Canada and Latin America: births, deaths, marriage notices, and family crises and joys. Also here to examine is correspondence exchanged between family members already landed in Youngstown and in nearby communities.

The Coal Miners’ Strike of 1873 and the first Italians. Click here. Ben Lariccia, coauthor with Joe Tucciarone, Coal War in the Mahoning Valley: The Origin of Greater Youngstown’s Italians.

Excerpts from Carmen Leone’s Rose Street

St. Rocco’s Church: Redefining Italian Identity in Youngstown

From Shepherds to Ohio Steelworkers


Biographical Sketches of the Authors and Recipients of the Letters




Audio Interviews

  • Carmela Mendozzi DiCianno was born 1910 in Capracotta, Italy. She arrived in Youngstown in 1920. In this interview, she remembers her experiences growing up, getting married, and starting a family in Youngstown. (Parts I & II)


Oral Histories from the Youngstown State University  Collection

  • Joseph Amendolara: Growing up in East Youngstown and the small grocery store his father owned.
  • Dominic  Ciarniello: Growing up in Smokey Hollow.
  • Anthony S. Centofanti:  Family background, mill shut down,  and his role in local politics.
  • Pierina Chiovetti: Compares life in Italy versus life in America, emigrated in 1957.
  • Amedeo Chiovetti: His 1955 immigration experience and how he established himself in Youngstown.
  • Philipp Coraccio: How World War II affected Italy and his family, and he recalls life in Youngstown.
  • Mary Corrado:  Growing up in Youngstown, her transition from Catholic to Methodist     faith and the Pearl Street Mission.
  • Rose D’Amico: Life in Smokey Hollow.
  • Isabella DeCato: Immigration, Ellis Island, adjusting to American life

  • Concetta DeGeorge:  Emigrating from Potenza, Italy to the East Side of Youngstown when she was  ten years old. She discusses how her family assimilated to American culture while maintaining their Italian traditions and ethnicity.
  • Augustine F.  Izzo:  Experiences of being involved with a union.
  • Sam Mantini: Life in Youngstown and World War II.
  • Dominic Mastropietro: The Depression and life in Smokey Hollow.
  • Rocco Moderalli: Experiences during the Depression.
  • Nicholas Nazarini: His grocery store in Smokey Hollow and the various ethnic groups that comprised his customer base.
  • Donald Pallante: Childhood through adulthood, living Niles, OH.  Pallante worked for Niles Fire Brick Company, and later, Niles City Schools.
  • Lawrence Pallante:  Childhood through adulthood, living Niles, OH. Pallante worked for Niles Fire Brick Company, and later, Niles City Schools.
  • Anthony Panza: Experience of immigrating at age 16.
  • Michael  J. Patrone:  Growing up in Niles, OH, his family and the local Italian community.  February 6, 1990.
  • Michael J. Patrone:  Family history and life growing up in Niles, OH.  November 5, 1993.
  • Michael J. Patrone:  Family history and life growing up in Niles, OH. December 14, 1993.
  • Lorenzo Russo: Family’s emigration to Niles, OH and their experiences adjusting to life as Italian-Americans.
  • Antoinetta Sapio: Growing up in Brier Hill.
  • Dominic Saulino: His family, the Depression, and growing up on the East side of Youngstown.
  • William F. Sferra: His work with various steelworker organizations, including once being a union president.
  • Charles Testa: The Depression, 45 years working at Youngstown Sheet and Tube, and life in Campbell.
  • Ellen G. Testa:  Family background and life growing up on the east side of Youngstown.
  • Henry R. Testa: Family history and life in Campbell.
  • Jim Tropepe: Immigration experience.
  • Donetta Vechiarelli: Smokey Hollow neighborhood.
  • Michael Villano: Life as an Italian immigrant at age eight.
  • Rose Vivo: Growing up in Smokey Hollow and Italian cooking.

Original Scholarly Studies

Laura Cuppone: Silent Presence: Italian-American Women’s Experiences in the Mahoning Valley, 1880-1930. Master’s Thesis from 2008.

Ashley Marie Zampogna:  America may not perish: The Italian-American fight against the Ku Klux Klan in the Mahoning Valley. Master’s Thesis from 2008.


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