Oral Histories

Helena Auguston: Campbell, OH during the 1930s and 1940s, family background

Dr. James Kiriazis: Family background, growing up in Wierton, WV and Warren, OH,  Greeks in the Mahoning Valley

Dr. Gus Mavrigian: Greekculture, St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church, growing up in Youngstown

Ernest Toskas: Growing up in Warren, World War II, adulthood in Youngstown, Greek culture

Harry Kitakis: Greek immigration

Maria Pappas: Greek culture versus American culture,Kalymnos people in Campbell

Paul Pappas: Greek traditions

Caliope Mastrovaselis: Greek traditions, Greek school

Katherine Siatras: Greek language, Greek culture

George Corfias: Greek culture, Parents’ immigration to Campbell

Charles Koulianos: Greeks in Campbell, maintaining Greek traditions

Thelma Spirtos: Greek language and traditions

Mary Reyes: Greek dowry customs, family life

Kalliope Ginnis: Immigration experience and first impression of America

Michael Maillis: Greek customs, growing up / family life

Aris Mastorides: Life in Greece, immigration to America

Nikita Pentellis: Immigration to America

Spiro Katsaras: Immigration to America

2 Responses to “Greeks”

  1. John Owens says:

    Does anyone remember Glaris Hardware store on Belmont Ave. across from the Avalon Beergarten? I think Mr. Glaris was Greek…his sisters worked there with him, my father used to get our cars licensed plates there…Mr. Glaris always had OHIO #00000 hanging on the wall.

  2. Tom Nakley says:

    I read the commentary by Dr. Gus Mavrigian, and found it very interesting. Dr. Mavrigian must be the professor of mathematics that I had at Youngstown (now State) University years ago. One of the very best teachers I ever had.

    And I find the Greek community/culture to be a great and enlightened people.

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