Youngstown International Institute

The International Institute was established in Youngstown to help immigrants develop the skills necessary to thrive in a new land. Immigrants traveled to a different kind of culture, looking for a new life for themselves and their families. But with so many obstacles to overcome, such as language, citizenship, and cultural differences, the new arrivals needed support. The International Institute was formed to accommodate the needs of the ever growing population of immigrants to the Mahoning Valley, and it remained active in the community for 68 years.

The history of the International Institute is broken down into sections, each page contains a link to the next section of the story located on the bottom right of each page. Below are the links for each page:

The National Context

Origins of the International Institute

Helping Immigrants

Events and Festivals

The Institute Lives On

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The materials used to inform and accompany this project are from the International Institute Collection, located in archives of the Mahoning Valley Historical Society.  For further research or information on the photos or documents found on this website please contact the society or visit the Mahoning Valley Historical Society‘s website.

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