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Collections - Steel Valley Voices Steel Valley Voices


Steel Valley Voices is organized as a set of “collections,” each of which focuses on a particular group or theme.  We currently have 18 collections:

Breaking Bread: The Merging of Churches and Ethnic Cultures in the Valley

  • Oral history excerpts from interviews conducted for this exhibit

Common Ground

  • Discussions and materials on some themes and experiences that have been shared by many of the groups who migrated to this area, including sections on weddings, polka, ethnic cookbooks, and ringers, a game that was invented in Youngstown.


  • Profiles of immigrants with origins from different parts of Africa.


  • Documents, press clippings, photographs, and other materials from the Delta Lambda chapter of the national Delta Sigma Theta sorority
  • A history of the Pleasant Tucker family, who migrated to the Youngstown area in the 1870s.


  • Profile of Rena Mansour


  • Profile of Jiang Qi


  • Profile of Delphine Brunet


  • Oral history interview with John Herrlich


  • 15 oral history interviews


  • Two oral history interviews


  • Five biographies of members of the Hogan family, written by one of their descendants, Tom Welsh
  • 10 oral histories


  • Letters, documents, photographs, stories, profiles, scholarly studies, and more, including a history of St. Rocco’s Church and excerpts from Carmen Leone’s memoir


  • Dozens of oral histories comment on three broad themes: Jewish Traditions and Education, Life in Youngstown, and memories of Rabbi Sidney Berkowitz

Latino Voices of the Valley

  • Oral history interviews in Spanish with Latinos living in the Mahoning Valley (along with transcripts in Spanish and translations in English)
  • Cultural artifacts
  • Teaching resources in Spanish and English


  • Five oral history interviews
  • An album of photos from the Alexander Family
  • Booklet commemorating the history of St. Maron Church


  • Profile of Sonia Tsvetkoff


  • Seven family stories, with audio excerpts from interviews
  • A gallery of immigration documents and family photos from one Mexican-American family

New Immigrants

  • Women of the World: A Photographic Journey of New Americans in the Mahoning Valley
  • Profile of Afuhia’IMasilamea “Rocky” Misiu Taumoepeau


  • Profile of Amal Ilain


  • Profile of Ana Bobby
  • Profile of Anita Gomez


  • One family’s history in Youngstown

Puerto Ricans

  • The story of the first Puerto Rican family to settle in Youngstown


  • Profile of Nick Pacalo
  • Video history of Holy Trinity Romanian Orthodox Church


  • Two oral history interviews


  • Three family stories
  • Newsletter of the American Slovak Cultural Association of the Mahoning Valley
  • Michael Ekoniak’s comments on why he’s learning the Slovak language

South Asians

  • Interview with Dr. Sudershan Garg
  • Profile of Doreen Taylor
  • Profile of Julie Thomas


  • 10 oral histories focusing on the Swedish Baptist Church


  • Dinah Fedyna’s family story
  • Four oral history interviews
  • Profile of Lisa Hollander


  • Three oral history interviews
  • Profile of Ely Pugh


  • Link to a blog entry on the Williams family and the history of Welsh immigrants in Youngstown

2 Responses to “Collections”

  1. Ben Lariccia says:

    Great to see that the Irish are here!

  2. Ben Lariccia says:

    With the addition of the oral histories, excerpts from Carmen’s book, and the scholarly studies we have an extraordinary resource for young people in the Mahoning Valley.

    Teachers in middle and high school now have access to a unique local history archive via a user friendly website. Great job! Has anyone talked to Superintendent Wendy Webb?

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