Jewish Oral Histories: Rabbi Sidney Berkowitz

Rabbi Sidney Berkowitz led Youngstown’s Congregation Rodef Sholom, a Reform temple on the Northside, for almost 40 years, starting in 1946.  After his death, an oral history project invited members of the Congregation and the local community to share their memories.

Joseph Hill

Pauline Berkowitz

Chester Amedia

Godfrey Anderson

Mary Hammond

Carol Cushwa

Charles Cushwa

Robert Hammond

Michael Monus

Nathan Monus

Saul Friedman

Irving Ozer

Antonia Schildcrout

Steven Schildcrout

Milton Yarmy

Virginia Solomon

Marilyn Oyer

Jocelyn Spiegel

Leonard Spiegel

Esther Weinstock

Genevieve Bauman

Henry Bertolini

Rena Pollock

William Brewster

Arlene Brewster

Samuel Zlotnick

Sister Consolata Kline

Richard D. Shapiro

Donald B. McKay

Eleanor Katz

Sol E. Newman

Lucille Rudick

Daniel B. Roth

Esther Sacolick

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